Monday, November 4, 2013

Nuffnang FoodFest 2013 @Sunway Pyramid

*Late post
**Sorry for my poor english xoxo

Received email from Nuffnang about this event.
Nuffnang FoodFest, Malaysia first ever Tw(eat) fest.
They are introducing something called Social Media Currency,
which we need our smartphone to tweet, share on facebook or instagram about the vendor
in order to redeem food.

Oct 5, 2013
Sunway Pyramid, Blue Entrance

Too bad the customized badges was finished when I reach there.

What I got after done my registration at the booth.
*macaron from Les Macaroons ^~^ Y

Lots of vendors which included 
Cielo Dolci, Nbrew, Humble Beginnings,
Chatime, Yakult, Juiceworks,
Nando's, New Zealand Natural, Crazy Potato, myBurgerLab,
Ninja Joe, Planet Popcorn and many more.

Sound interesting huh?

The first drink I grabbed by posting 
my photo with Chatime's photo frame on Instagram.

Bite sizes onigiri from Sumo Onigiri.

Just tweet and you'll get a pack of popcorn.
Simple and nice right?

This is japanese style soft puddings from Sweet Montage.
I choosed for Caramel flavour.

Special liquid nitrogen ice-cream from Nbrew.

Royal Post Cafe
Tweet, like and share FB page or instagram about this to get free food.

Done all three ways and get 
a cute macaron, biscuits, bite-size cheesecake and green tea milk.

It's very crowded on that day.
People were busy lining up for foods.

I love Nando's!!
See how large food portion they gave, awesome.

Healthy fruit juice from Juiceworks.


Maggi is one of the partners for this event.
Everyone got a pack of BIG kari Maggi after they tweeted.

They even organised some funny games.
Maggi hot-cup eating competition,
just finish the Maggi hot-cup as fast as you can.
And the winner will be given three big packet of Big kari maggi mee.

At last I gave up myBurgerLab, Crazy Potato and New Zealand ice cream
as the queue were too long.

The only photo I took for myself during that day.
Ahah because my hands were full with foods and drink.


 Very nice event as gathered all the nuffnangers,
have lots of fun on that day.
Thanks to Nuffnang,
and thumbs up to everyone.
I am waiting for the next event. hiak hiak=D